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No Turning Back

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When a skydiver steps to the edge of the aircraft door and leaps away from the plane, he knows there is no turning back. He's gone too far, and if he should forget to strap on his parachute, nothing can save him and he will certainly plummet to a frightening death. What a tragedy! But there is something even worse that can happen to a person. Indeed, it is far worse to come to the point of no return in your relationship with God. Yet millions are approaching this point and have no idea! Is it possible that you are one of them? What is the awful sin that could lead to such a fate? Why can't God forgive it? For a clear and penetrating answer, yet also full of hope, take a few minutes with this fascinating Study Guide.

1. What is the sin that God cannot forgive?
2. What does the Bible say about sin and blasphemy?
3. What is the work of the Holy Ghost, or Spirit?
4. When the Holy Spirit convinces me of sin, what must I do to be forgiven?
5. What happens if I do not confess my sins when convicted by the Holy Spirit?
6. What solemn warning does God give about the pleading of His Holy Spirit?
7. At what point does the Holy Spirit stop pleading with a person?
8. God, through His Holy Spirit, brings light (John 1:9) and conviction (John 16:8) to every person on Earth. What must I do when I receive light from the Holy Spirit?
9. Can any sin become the sin against the Holy Spirit?
10. After King David had committed a terrible double sin of adultery and murder, what anguished prayer did he pray?
11. What serious, weighty command did Paul give to the church in Thessalonica?
12. What other shocking, almost inconceivable statement did Paul make to the Thessalonian believers?
13. What wrenching experience will some who have been sent these strong delusions face in the judgment day?
14. What special words of warning does Jesus give to help us avoid believing we are saved when we are actually lost?
15. What is God's blessed promise to His faithful followers who crown Him Lord of their lives?
16. What additional glorious promise does Jesus make to us all?